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storing different scents same container


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No one could answer this question, because you don't tell us what type candle you're storing. (Jar, pillar, votive.) If you're storing container candles with lids, then it makes no difference. If you have pillars or votives with no wrapping, then I wouldn't mix, or put them in sealable bags.

If you shrink wrap, put them in sealable bags before you mix.


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We have the cardboard display votive and melt boxes. We do keep those mixed in larger tubs and it seems to work fine...when we open each cardboard box for a show, the scent is definitely what is in the box.

We do store our extra votives and melts in the plastic shoe boxes.

We used to keep our "bummers" (these are the imperfect ones that we sell for a discount - we call them "bummers" because that would be what we would say when that HUGE bubble appeared on the top of a votive or we didn't quite have enough for that last melt, etc....lol) in a basket near our table at shows...since they are all mixed and not shrinkwrapped individually, even I sometimes could not determine what the scent was! Once you burned/melted it, it was fine...

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