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I don't know where this goes but I'm frustrated as all get out!


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Well, I was hoping to make some purchases through a particular supplier since she's closer to where I live and shipping may be less expensive. We're both on the West coast.

I ordered one of her "sniffies" so I could smell a fragrance before buying. I thought that was a pretty neat idea...and all I had to do was send a self-addressed, stamped envelope. So I did...on September 3rd. I wrote to her on the 14th asking if she was going to send my "sniffie". She wrote back saying she'd get her people on it but that they normally don't send out the sniffies until all orders are shipped. EXCUSE ME?!!? And when does a supplier never have orders that need shipping? I had a feeling right then I was being put off. Well, here we are...September 20th...and STILL no "sniffie".

You know, I could order a 50 pound box of supplies from someone in Florida and have it here on the West coast a whole lot quicker than this. I'm so frustrated!...and I wasted 84 cents. Not that 84 cents is a big deal but I could have put that with $2.50 and ordered a sample bottle of the FO...and I would have been privileged enough to be on her SHIPPING LIST!

This is NOT good customer service. How hard is it to stuff a small item in a SELF ADDRESSED, PRE-STAMPED envelope? If she's going to offer "sniffies" she should honor the order...or not offer them!

<----end of rant---->


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How aweful. It should not take more than a few minutes to stick a sniffie in the envelope you filled out for them. And with the current state of the economy you would think that a supplier would want to really step up their CS game to keep as many customers as possible. :mad:

I have a beef with suppliers cutting fragrances and not telling you and/or still having them listed on their website. Your order arrives and 1 or 2 scents are missing and you have to contact them to find out what is going on. One supplier discontinued a scent almost a year ago and STILL has it listed for sale on their site.

If I were you I would move on and look at another supplier that is willing offer good CS (or at least fill orders, LOL).

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Another week ended and still no "sniffie". So I wrote to her and inquired about the status. She writes:

"I contacted the warehouse and they dug through the pile of requests and found your sniffy, they have told me they will get it out by the end of this week. "

By the end of this week?!! :shocked2: By the time I recieve it, it will be an entire month since I ordered it. Ridiculous.

On a good note...she's good with communication.

:rolleyes2 ...(yippee skippy...a new pen pal!) :sad2:

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I'd be pissed.

And I don't think I'd order anything from her. I'd also get a comment on the website about your experience if you have that ability.

If she can't get a sniffie in a self addressed stamped envelope for 4 weeks what happens if you order $100.00 worth of product?

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