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Golden Brands 474 discontinued

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well I just ordered gb 474 to test from CS...I go to their site today and it says This product will be discontinued once stock runs out.

should I even both to test this wax since I can't seem to find another supplier that has it or does some one know who else has this wax just in case I like it?

or is golden brands getting rid of it altogether?? I don't see it on their web site..

I am not made of money here, wish I knew this 4 days ago..

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I know companies have the right to discontinue waxes and of course, they want to use up all their stock but it is a real pain to spend money on 10 lbs, 20 lbs etc. and then find out that you just wasted your time testing, used up wicks & FO, paid shipping costs for a wax you will never use. Seems to be going on a lot lately. I don't have the answer, but have at least two or three waxes sitting in the basement that are no longer available. I know how you feel. Kind of a bummer. Beth

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