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opinions on these suppliers


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You will need to buy samples and test for yourself. In most all cases, someone (or a lot of someones) will have had a good experience where others will have had a not-so-good experience.

You simply can NOT rely on advice you might get from this question. Even narrowing it down and asking about a handful of specific oils won't give you a definitive answer.

I believe most all suppliers carry 1 oz samples specifically for the purpose of testing.

I've bought from both suppliers. Some oils throw for me, some don't. And that's the best anybody can do with such a broad question.

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I have not bought any oils from GL in a while but the ones I have are great. They really have some unusual scents and if I wasn't trying to cut down on buying fo I would order several I have seen reviews on from their forum. This is link if you want to check the reviews.


I have never bought from Oregon Trails so can't give opinion on them.

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I buy from GL and love their Fos. I use paraffin, as well as a blend and their FOs work fabulously! I like the fact that you also get free 2oz FOs with your purchase. Their CS is great, Brenda is great to work with as far as questions and suggestions. But the previous post was correct, you'll have to try their FOs for yourself to see how they do with you- everyone is different.

Good luck!

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