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selling only 3.3 oz wickless tureens

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Hi again!

I am full of it this week and am downsizing..some. I have ordered the 3.3 oz tureens for wickless and they are adorable(just posted a reply about them in tarts not selling) I saw where 1 of you sell the 4 oz and say they are going over well...so my question is this:

Would you sell only the 3.3 oz only or keep the 6 oz as well and sell both? I had thought about just the 3.3 oz and sell a 2 oz spray with it..make it a set or something to that effect and do away with the 6 oz tureens.

I have also noticed smaller sells better and sometimes MORE.

I am burning a 3.3 oz and can smell it all over the living room and kitchen..so not to bad at all...

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I sell the 4 oz (lovely, easy inexpensive gift!) and will also keep the 8 oz because it looks good on the shelf and some want a little bigger container, but also want to stay under $10.

I'm actually selling an equal amount of both sizes. I used to sell more 8 oz than 16 oz, but now that I have the 4oz out, it's an equal sell.

I will carry the 16 oz this fall if I see that it is being requested. I might, also, carry all three sizes in gift baskets closer to Thanksgiving.

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I like the 3oz tureens there to cute. I have been making 11 oz tureens for my wickless and 8oz tins but this year I decided to mke some smaller ones. People are still buying but they are looking for cheaper gifts like 10.00 and under and the smaller ones work well for that. I am going to test the 3 oz ones out this holiday season and see how well they will sell for me. Regina:D

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Hi all!

The 3 oz tureens I get are at green leaf..and they have black lids or gold..you can choose! have a western type theme so the black is adorable!!! The tureens look like a small bean pot..I never thought I'd like tureens but I do for wickless..tins IMO get to hot...but I've done them. When I got the 3.3 oz..I fell in love! They are the cutest things and the size is perfect. They put out as much as the 6 and 8 oz..IMO. I've decided to sell them for 4$ each or 3 for 10$.

I do the room sprays to and may even add 1 with a tureen and sell that way to..haven't decided yet. But I've been downsizing..ppl here buy my car ornies and sprays faster and smaller has sold so much better...so I figure why not just carry the 3.3 oz? They do the same and if they can buy 3 different for 10..it may go over really well!!! I'm going to the dollar store this weekend and see if I can find some cute little crates or baskets to maybe sell them together in?

Just an idea! but smaller is better..and the same great quality!!!


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I think your theme is very cool!! I do love my little 4 oz containers! Lots of punch for the money.

I call them my "silly willy" jars. :laugh2:

My first test candle with these was Med. Fig from CS. Boy, was I impressed! Not only with the FO, but how it threw in that little jar!!! Thought I HAD to have the 16 oz, but I don't.

I ran into a couple of gift shops that carry the Yankee and Tyler candles, several times, and noticed that the smaller jars were moving for them as well.

So, I get the price I want, good throw and a great gift! What more could you ask for? My sales have gone up and I anticipate a good fall season ahead. My credit card will be very happy!!! :D

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I am pretty happy with the 3 for 10 thing..I think it'll go over good. I'd love to find some small wooden crates that would hold 3 of those babies, and group them with fruits, bakery..etc..lol...neat idea if I can find what I want:)

I'm just not gonna offer a lot of different things anymore..only what is selling well...and what I sell out of..and smaller is the way to go! Down to ornies, spray and the little tureens now and it makes me happy:)

Dang...I need to find a name for my little guys now..lol..something else to think about as if my mind wasn't cluttered enough with candle stuff,lol. At least I got my labels done!


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I'd seen them but didn't know they were called tureens. Thanks for clarifying that for me, guys.

They only reason I knew is that I've always loved Tyler's container candles and wanted to know what they were called. And I ran across them trying to locate container I was going to use.

I sure would have liked to have used these, but it would be overkill in my area.

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