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Software for adding borders etc to pics


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Sorry it's greek to you. Did you download it or look at the demos? The GIMP is a very full-featured program, like Photoshop, but its interface is a little different from what I have seen in other graphics programs. It was strange to me when I first started using it, but I learned how it worked via the help menu and the support forums. If you wanna learn something, most sites make the information readily accessible.

There are literally hundreds of inexpensive or free programs out there. Some are even available online so you don't have to install anything on your computer.

Here is one such place:


Photobucket, an image hosting site, has also added a TON of editing options - adding borders are only one of the many options they now offer with their free account.

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I've looked at & tried photobucket several times never have found any frames & only the top portion of the pic shows up.

I also downloaded the free trial for Paint Shop I liked it but my computer kept doing weird crap after I downloaded so I had to uninstall. It would go black screen & tell me it had to shut down to due to software that was installed & to keep it from messing up my system.

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I've looked at & tried photobucket several times never have found any frames & only the top portion of the pic shows up.
  1. Go to your photobucket album and click on a photo that you want to edit. The page changes and your single large photo shows up.
  2. Directly above the image are 9 dropdown menus. The second one from the left says "edit image." Click on the arrow and look at the 7 choices that drop down.
  3. Click on "see much more," the 7th choice.
  4. The image reloads onto another page. Now you will see 7 tabs at the top. The 3rd tab from the left is labeled "Decorate" - click on it.
  5. 12 new tools & choices appear under the tabs. The second choice from the RIGHT says "borders" Click there.
  6. A popup opens which loads the border treatments available to apply to your image. Click on the borders that interest you to preview them on your image.
  7. When you find the border treatment you like best, click on "Apply."
  8. Then choose to either replace the original image with the one with your border, to save the one with the border as a copy, retaining the original, or cancel the entire operation.

This is mondo easy stuff - you simply have to click, look for help if you get lost, etc. Good luck.

only the top portion of the pic shows up

Sigh. Perhaps your image needs to be resized... if there are scroll bars, simply scroll to see the entire image, or better yet, resize it to a more manageable file and dimensional size.

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