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For those of you who sell and have websites, out of all the scents that you offer, do you keep ALL of them in stock (your fo) or order them in as need but still list them on your site (order form)?

I want to be able to offer all the ones I have tested, but right now there is no way I can afford to keep all of them in stock, not to mention that would take up ALOT of room!

I figure when I write up my faq/policies, I can state something along the lines of ...candles are made up at the time of order, please allow sufficient time for order to be made and shipping...not in those words, but you get my idea...

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Only what's in stock. If you got an order for an FO you don't have, and you go to order it and the store is out of it - then you have to explain to a customer what's going on (or lie to them). Either way, you wouldn't be able to give them a product they ordered.

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Yep, all 200 are listed and in stock....

You could always do something like: Pumpkin Pie Spice (available September through December only).....you get my drift. That way, they'll know what you have and it gives you plenty of time to order it without having to keep it on hand 24/7 if you don't have the room.

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