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Candle changed color

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So the strangest thing happened to one of my candles today...

I made a batch of three candles (black cherry FO, 1oz pp used with the 4630)

Each had a diff wick in them since I'm still testing wicks. I put a wick I hadn't tried before in one. 51-32-18P. I lit it for 30 mins yesterday morning but it smoked something fierce and had a tall flame (wick was trimmed to 1/4") so I snuffed it after 30 mins. I decided to try it again today and the same thing happened after a few mins so I blew it out (brainfart) and took it outside onto the porch table for the smoke to billow for a few mins. I forgot about it being out there and it was out there maybe 20mins or so. When I went outside to get it, it was discolored! I'm not sure how to describe it so I've attached a few pics showing what happened.

The other two candles have been fine and there's no discoloration on them at all.

Any thoughts on what I might have done wrong?




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My 1st thought is that the sun got to it, did u add UV Inhibitor?

Now, I made some Black Cherry (Just Scent FO) candles last year and used dye chips from Cierra Candle Supply and they discolored and weren't exposed to light.

So, who was the FO and dye supplier?

Well, it's been mostly cloudy all day today and it was never in direct sunlight. It was on a covered porch.

As for the dye chips, I got them from Candle Science and they are Reddig Glo. The FO is suspect because I got it from my local candle lady and she had a large bottle of it. She measured out an ounce for me and put it in an empty cleaned out pill bottle :D So I'm not sure where the FO came from. I may have to send her an email and find out.

I didn't know you could put UV inhibitor into the 4630 container wax. I kinda thought it may have had it in there already. :confused:

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