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mottling help-did a search and can't find

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Hi everyone,

I already did a search and could not find exactly what I am looking for.I am looking to start testing a mottling wax.I make container candles only and did a few google searches and have come up with what sounds like good waxes--igi1274--astorlite m29 1299a--igi1288b-- do any of these sound good to you??and do you always have to add mineral oil and /or steric to wax.I know a LOT of testing is coming my way but just need a nudge in the right direction. Thanks

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The waxes you mentioned include those for mottled pillars and mottled containers. My experience is mostly with the IGI waxes. The 1274 would be for pillars and the 1288B for containers.

As aws said, adding fragrance is sufficient to get the mottling effect. Both waxes hold roughly 1/2 to maybe 3/4 oz fragrance per lb of wax. The additives that can be used in mottled candles don't really do much to increase fragrance retention.

Stearic acid is the most common additive and generally the most useful. It's used to help control the mottling effect so the wax doesn't ooze as much while the candle is being made. It also affects how the candle burns and melts.

Despite much of the advice you'll see, there's no formula for how much stearic to use. It depends on the wax, wick and fragrance. For best results, test different amounts and see what works best. You could try maybe 2% and work your way up.

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I don't make containers with paraffin but I do make pillars with a straight paraffin MP140. I add vybar 343 from candlewic (no stearic) I then add FO and get the most lovely mottled pillars. Of course you have to pour a little hotter. I don't know where else you can buy this particular vybar and not sure if it works in containers but it is not too expensive

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what would 2% be?? I want to try to make an 8 oz container candle so I would get 2 candles per # of wax-sorry I'm a newbie.Is there an oz weight or measure size i.e 2 teaspoons etc

There is a calculator link below for figuring percentages...


As for measures - teaspoons are a VOLUME measurement - what we do in candlemaking is done by WEIGHT. Liquids, flakes, powders, etc. are ALL weighed. Use a scale.:)

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