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*Baby Bottle Candles*

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I have 'finally' found these!! I told my hubby & kids today when we get out of the zoo, we are heading over to Toys' R Us & shop....of course the kids were all for it!! LOL But, I wanted to see if they carried the glass baby bottles & when I seen them OMG I was disappointed there was only 3 pkgs left(ha)so, my hubby asked & got me 4 more pkgs(was all they had) They were even on sale - $3.99 for a 3 pack.....

So, my question to you all is what size wick do I start with? I only use EZ SOY from BC - any ideas on where to start? I cannot wait to get started on them.....

Thank You,


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I did these years ago for a baby shower.....the "baby" is now 8. LOL They were a HUGE hit! (don't forget to add on a hang tag or some other instructions to LEAVE THE LID OFF WHEN LIT......you just never know when someone just isn't thinking.)

Thank you for sharing the picture! They are so cute. I have a friend that is preggers and this is something I could do for her!

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