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Unfortunately.. no:cry2: However, here's a long hand version of doing it. I saved it from SD awhile back in case I wouldn't have access to the one on RJ's site.

Converting percentages to weights is easy.

Just think of how much you want to make. Let's start with 10 oz for easy math.

To get the math, you just take the total ounces of what

YOU want to make and multiply it by the percentage, which is always

the % number with a decimal in front of it

(I.E. 12% is .12 for math, 24% is .24, 50% is .50, 75% is .75, etc).

So 12% of 10 oz is 1.2 oz

12% of 16 oz is 1.92 oz (16 oz x .12 = 1.92)

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