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Hi all,

It's been a long time coming but my new site is up and running thanks to my FIL, Ken. There's still a bit of work to do. I have to add a couple pictures and, most importantly, a shopping cart. Now, those of you who are interested in my molds can get more info and see some pictures. Thanks to Grumpy Girl for allowing me to use one of her pictures. I'm working on the soap molds price list but in the meantime, you can always just contact me directly for a quote.

Thanks for looking and please give your honest feedback (good or bad).

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This is purely asthetic and purely my opinion, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

I love the background (looks like mine :D), but the text colors are offputting slightly. The blue link color is a sore thumb, IMO. Because the font is so large, my preference is a softer color, like a deep brown/yellow shade to go with the background and maybe change the link color to match the menu buttons on the left.

Another little... quirk I guess you could say of mine, when I click on a pic, I expect to see a larger version of the pic. On your homepage, it's linking to the products page. Since it is the index page, you could try one of two things (just an idea and I won't be offended if you hate the idea), link to a larger pic, or link it directly to the page the picture of is. For example, the pic of the soap mold, I would expect a larger pic, or taken directly to the soap mold page instead of the general product page.

Otherwise, I think the info, the pics and the setup are absolutely fab! Very "homey" feeling and easy to navigate.

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MissMary is correct, as much as I hate to admit it, LOL.

I happened to click on that diva valentine boutique website where some of your products are sold. What an adorable site BUT...I happened to click on the diaper bag link and WOW, how annoying is that flash or whatever that comes up showcasing the products. I am still dizzy. :undecided

Your products look lovely though. Good luck.

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Another thing is your links to this page about comments on your soap molds. Maybe you could ask permission from those that posted to use their comments on your site instead of link directly here. I know you are just talking about your molds, but if people see this site then they might use it to start their own business. We all know what a wealth of knowledge these boards are!

I also agree with making the pictures on the product page clickable to view a larger version.

GOod luck! You have a great start.


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I enjoy the large, dark text. Nothing, absolutely nothing will drive me away from a site faster than tiny font that blends in with the background.

I definitely agree that clicking on pictures should show a larger picture. Otherwise, what's the point?

I would never link other websites where my products are sold. It's ok to list names and addresses of businesses who carry your product, but to link to their website is not good, imo. Once they carry your product, the prices they charge are up to them, and by linking their sites, you could open a can of worms with pricing. It just doesn't seem like good business to me. Unless you don't want people to buy product from you. It just gets too messy and detracts from YOUR site.

As far as linking to this forum, sorry, but that gave me my laugh for today. That's just not right.....lol

To sum up, I love the look of your site. Easy to read, easy to navigate. The links to other websites and to HERE have gotta go, though, imho.

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The site looks great, Congrats!

Just a couple of things. I would suggest you consider an About Us page to add some of that text on the main page to. Honestly I would probably not take the time to read it, I want to see products front and center. Perhaps offer a special and your featured product?

Not sure if you like PayPal but you can have a shopping cart up and running from them in no time at all. Its very simple to set up.

The black bold text is kind of harsh. I would probably make it a bit smaller and consider another font but thats just MHO. If you do change fonts, remember the simpler the better and that it needs to be a "standard" font so it will be viewable by everyone.

I tried to click on your pictures too. Maybe just make them a bit larger, add some accessories to jazz them up a bit.

Good luck with your biz!

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