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LS Mango Papaya, German Chocolate Cake fuel smell?

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I made a candle using C3, it cured for at least a week, used 1 oz pp of mango papya FO from Lone Star. It smells really good cold but once I light it I can smell a fuel smell. I also used same wax, same amount of FO using LS German Chocolate Cake and I can smell a tad of fuel smell.

I used the search and found out that citrus smells have a fuel smell to them sometimes and that adding a vanilla FO will help. How much vanilla would I add to one pound of wax to help without overpowering the mango papaya?

Now on the German Chocolate cake should there be a fuel smell there? Maybe my nose is just really sensitive and can pick it up where someone else would think I was crazy?

Can a wick cause this? Maybe it needs to be wicked down? If this is not in the right place please let me know as well so I can correct it. TIA!!

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