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I'm looking for a good Egg Nog


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I need it for my candles..I use GB 415..I have tried several and did not get a very good HT..Anyone have one that works well for them?

I have tried Peaks..Grannys Swingin Egg Nog..I love it but it just did not have a good HT.

I have tried Berts...

I Tried FOH..egg nog..no luck there either..

Day Star...Frothy Egg Nog..no luck..

I can't think of other right now..

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Kentucky scents we love: :D we use straight paraffin & and a parasoy blend!

homemade apple pie

orange chiffon - though we have tested this scent from many different supplies and all seemed to perform awesome, and the scent / and throw was, for the most part, the same. (ICS, SS, NG hot orange danish is great too)

strawberry rhubard (NG has this same scent)

cotton candy- this oil is strong. we use .75/per #

lavender vanilla-

christmas past-

fresh cut roses-

van. butter fudge-

pineapple supreme-


I'm sure you will get more replies.

KY has great oils, products, and over the top customer service.

take care.

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