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Different idea for clamshells??!

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I was thinking what can I do that would be different on my clam-shells??? Thinking about 4th of July, so I have decided to do the following in the 6 cavity clam-shells: Pour the first row across (red) and the FO will be Hot Apple Pie, 2nd row (middle) some type of Vanilla (off-white) and the last row Blueberry Muffin (Blue) So that way - you come up with red, white and blue. I think it will look nice and that way the customer gets 3 different FO's in one container, they have to LOVE that. I was thinking about the other holidays: Valentine's day: White or off-white, pink and red. St. Patrick's day: White or off-white, medium green and then a darker green. Easter: pink, yellow and purple. Halloween: orange, dark purple and black. Thanksgiving: orange, tan/brown and green. Christmas: burgundy or red, white (off-white) and green. :D

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