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Poured some new scents today! What do you think?


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Backwoods Buttery Croissant - I purchased because of someone review the other day (sorry, can't remember your name) thinking Oh My, I love croissants and their smell. So thinking this was a buttery baked bread scent. Smelled great OOB....but, then I poured it today.....and it's Buttery Popcorn!!!! I am sooooo disappointed and almost gagged!!! This is just plain gross...no wonder many suppliers have this on clearance!

Now, their Rosewood Valley is to die for! I just love it! This would smell great in B&B..I do smell a hint of sandalwood, maybe too much? Anybody try this one?

Bert's Peanut Butter Crunch - Yum! I love bakery period...

Daystar's Vanilla Peach and Vanilla Apricot! Smell really nice, but to me, not peachy or apricoty enough, needs a tad bit more.....but then I love vanillas....maybe they can pump it up a bit! LOL I'll see how it sells.

Backwoods - Hummingbird, kinda sweet, kinda florally, hope it sells well. Great summer scent!

NG - Biolage Matrix Type - I just love this one....spa-ish, getting my hair washed-ish....very nice scent, yes shampooy, but I love smelly shampoo!

Daystar's Coconut Pear is flying off my shelves, literally. Great scent, obviously....to my customers at least.

I did receive a FREE lb. at Candlemaker's Store and I chose the Hurricane...anyone tried that one yet? I'm trying to find a replacement for WixNWax Texas Storm (yes, they are out, and will be for a while - one of my biggest sellers!:mad: ) Doesn't smell as airy fresh, but does have that "green" smell. Just wondering if anyone's tried that one.

I use IGI 6006, if anyone is wondering.



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