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Reading soap qualities in soap calc


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Hi everyone; I've not been here since before the holidays when I made my first batches of soap. They turned out fine for a beginner I think - and now I'm ready to make some more.

I'm trying to use the oils I already have at home and have put them in SoapCalc9 w/fat discount at 5%. I have the "qualities" of the soap on SoapCalc9, but can't find a place that describes the range of the numbers. For example, the hardness is 40 for recipe I am testing to use. But what is the range of hardess - and is that good or bad number? Is there a chart somewhere that explains the different qualities of the soap by number range, explaining what the "ideal" number is depending on what you want?

The qualities of the soap are:

Harness: 40

Cleansing: 24

Condition: 51

Bubbly lather: 35

Creamy lather: 28

Iodine: 55

INS: 145

The numbers mean little to me since I don't know what the range is. I've looked online and can't find any info or chart. Any help or link would be most appreciated, since this is the first soap I am trying to create from scratch. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question; thanks for any help! :smiley2:

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Those numbers are really a guideline and are not set in stone. Once you get more experienced in soaping, you will begin to learn what nubmers you like and what oils and butters you can use to get the type of soap you want. I think that learning is all part of the fun.

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