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Laundry powder - one question


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Powdered laundry soap

I am using the recipe

2 c grated soap

1 c borax

1 c washing soda


I will be making the soap hpop -which is the best to make?

100% lard or 100% coconut at 0% superfat

Lard and coconut oil have different qualities and I noticed that some are using coconut and some lard

Totally confused...please help on which is best

Also a vinegar softner

1 c white vinegar

1 c bk soda

2 c water


will this need a preservative with the addition of water...recipe did not call for it, just wondering...If i remember correctly I got this recipe from snowdrift.


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I wouldn't even bother making soap for this. It will turn out to be slimy snot regardless of what formula you use. I made this before I learned to make LS. I purchased a couple bars of fels naptha and a couple bars of some pink laundry soap. I grated it and I added all the other ingredients you have listed and made a big ol pail of snot!:laugh2: :laugh2: I didn't use a preservative and the clothes were clean. I just don't like that slimy snotty texture. But, I sure hope you like it. :grin2:

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Hibiscus , this recipe is for the powdered version and I am considering it because I have not tried to make liquid soap yet. (kinda nervous about the process)

I have done a lot of research and am totally confused as to what qualities the ls soap should have


laundry soap vs hand soap

or shampoo

I can use the soapcalc but need more info on what oils to use for ls

If you could point me in the right direction as to a site that has a good tutorial on ls making and a few starter recipes i would be ever so greatfull!

Ya! I did try to make liquid soap with my hp soap once ,an dthe snot is too gross for me

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I sure have. But I don't use sunflower oil in laundry soap anymore. I've experimented with so many oils:rolleyes2 and I don't have my notes so I'm not exactly sure which ones I settled on:confused: More than likely the least expensive ones I could find:grin2:

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