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scent ideas "Relay for Life"


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My family and I are putting together a team for "Relay for Life".

I am going to be making candles for a fundraiser. I was thinking about using 4 different scents. I would like to rename them with meaningful names such as faith, hope, courage etc. I Would apprecitate any ideas as to what fo's to use and names that would go with those scents. Thanks for your help.:)

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Pink Sugar definetly. For a name? Any you have listed could take the place of the name Pink Sugar. The Pink Ribbon is the symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness. They all have Courage, Faith and Hope to survive.

Right now not thinking of names but Pink Sugar is a good seller for many candlemakers just change the name for the cause.

Breast cancer has hit hard with friends, niece, and my mother who had it at 21. Mom passed away in 2001 at 81 years old. Always told her I bet she was the longest living breast cancer Survivor.

I will try to think of other scents.


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Lavender Vanilla (B&B type) from KY is a great scent. Lavender for survivors.

Tahitian Vanilla from FOH or Very Vanilla from CS.

Pink Sugar from Candlesource or ICS.

These are ones that I have used for Relay for Life or Cancer Awareness.

I try to choose soothing scents that would not bother the cancer patients, if they choose to buy the candles. Chemo makes them very sensitive to scents.

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