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kraft paper cardstock reams


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I like to use this for my labels, but I can only find places that sell it at small quantities. (by the sheet) Does anyone know where to get reams?

I would also like to find actual labels in kraft paper too.

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Here's one source for kraft labels...


As for reams of paper, I have not seen them, but I have seen kraft on rolls...

a quick Google found this site...



You could check locally where packaging supplies are sold. The sheets are not 8½ x 11, but could be cut down by a printer if needed. A local printer might be able to order you a ream or two of letter size also. HTH :)

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hobby lobby now carries ream of kraft cardstock where they have ream of other colored papers.

Check them out, I just got some last week.

As for thicker kraft papers that's good for business cards and stuff

I got mine from local business card printing company.

Check them out.


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I order my hang tags from a printer in Northern KY. Took her in a business card/label I had made at Staples and she fixed them just right. She made them smaller and put them on brown card/business card stock and cut them in half, so I have one piece cards. I may have taken her one I typed up to show her what I wanted, it's been years now. Since mine are about 1/2 a business card I get 2000 for $96.00, no shipping cause she is a few miles from me. Don't know how this compares to others...

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I've been looking for cardstock that is not solid print. A heavier card stock but it seems I can only find these at scrapbooking places that sell for close to a dollar a sheet. I wish I could find reams of cardstock like that!


Heavier stock like that is called "index" and can be ordered from a local printer. HTH :)

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