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Cutting wax pies

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I bought some wax pies that were pre-cut into slices (still a bit hard to get the pieces out) and the cut lines look real fine -- like a special tool may have been used to do it. I am going to be making these myself and don't know a whole a lot about wax pie making yet. I ran a search but did not find a whole lot. Here are a couple questions:

When do you make the cut? I don't think they would have made the cut after it was all the way cool because most likely it would have chipped and looked ruff. I ended up having to take a knife to get the pieces apart and small little chips came off.

Is there a special cutting tool to cut the pie pieces? I think I have seen pie cutters that will slice 8 (or whatever the number is) slices at one time. I don't know what they are called.

Thanks for any help.

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I dont think you are able to cut the pie after you make it. I imagine it would break into pieces. They could have just made 8 individual slices with a single slice mold and put them together in the shape of a whole pie.

Hi Carrie,

It is a whole pie, and I can tell that it was made as a whole pie (for one reason the way the crust looks, etc. and the bottom) and then they made fine cuts into 8 pieces -- or 6 - can't remember the number off hand. It looks like they may have used the pie cutter when it was still slightly soft. Because the cuts are not good enough, I have to take a knife to it and that is when you can get little chips off of the piece that you are trying to get out. If I heat the knife up it is better, then I make hold it and put a little pressure on it and it pops apart. I know that when I go to make the pies, I would want to make sure the cuts are more definite.

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