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Sulphate free?


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Hi, I don't usually make and B&B products. But our family has switched to sulphate free face soaps and shampoos and conditioners. What a difference it's made. Hair is soooo soft now. And my 13 year olds hair is so much less oily now. I think because it isn't being stripped so much it's producing less oil. And his acne is clearing up going the sulphate free route. We've also done scrubs with brown sugar and jojoba oil. That's all that I and my 17 year old daughter use to wash our face, no soap, and our faces are so nice and clear. Anyway, I'm wondering if you know of anywhere that sells sulphate free shower gel or cream base? That's the only thing I haven't gotten sulphate free yet and thought getting my ouwn base would be much cheaper for all of us. Thank you for your help!

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Do you make your own soap? If so, why not try making liquid soap? If not, why not try? A friend of mine makes it and says it's really not very difficult. I think if you scrounge around on here you'll find some really good information on how to do so. If not, just ask, I'm sure someone will help you. And GOOD FOR YOU!

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