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**What's in your pot this weekend**

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This is my favorite thread so I thought I would start it. Should have started it yesterday but my eyes were crossed from looking for the golden egg lol.

I have been pouring tarts since 9:00 this morning. I gave my scent list to one of my Dad's friends and he ordered 1 of everything on my list :shocked2: .

I've poured 344 so far (24 per scent + 8 extra honeysuckle) and still have a few to do.

That's one way to make me get in gear haha.

Hope everyone has a great Easter!!!!

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Let's see.... within the last few days I've made:

Pomegranate (Tennessee Candle)

Hawaiian Dream (Cajun)

Honey Coco Mango (mixed Bacci de Miele (Old Mill) + Coco Mango (Cajun)

Sultry Angel (Candle Cocoon)

Sunset (Bramble Berry)

I may pour some 'Turkish Delight' (Old Mill), 'Angel Wings' (Nature's Garden), and 'Vaniglia del Madagascar' (Scent Works) before the weekend is out.


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Had to take the weekend off before my head exploded. But this week I'll be doing gel candles - champaign w/ floating wedding rings, martini's with glass olives, and these cute little candles in a stem glass with colored stones on the bottom clear gel in the middle and a ribbon of colored gel (coordinating with the stones) on the top. I love those.

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