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facial scrub/ oil cleansing ?


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I need to make a scrub. What I'm wondering is, if I made a scrub with just oils, no cleanser, would this be similar to the oil cleansing that has been talked about.

I have verrrrrry dry skin on my face this year. It's so dry that I feel like I have dandruff on my face. I know that sounds gross, but that is all I can compare it to.

Anywho, I was thinking of doing sugar with oatmeal (ground fine),and honey. That is about as far as I have gotten. I'm not sure what oils to use for the face. I was hoping someone could help me to formulate a great scrub.

I don't want it done for me, just some help!:o



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This is a great scrub formula that I find to be very gentle; however, use it in very small amounts as it will clog your drain (ask me how I know 4_18_7.gif)

76% Oils of choice (I use cocoa butter, rice bran oil, jojoba, macadamia nut, or whatever else I have on hand)

10% Stearic Acid

8% Cetyl Alcohol

3.5% Polysorbate 20

1.5% Fragrance

1% appropriate preservative

Sugar in amount equal to all the above


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I use extravirgin olive oil and castor oil for my ocm. My face is also very dry and I've found that a mix of 80/20 (evoo/co) works for me. I've also used jojoba in place of the evoo. The castor oil is the "cleansing oil".

Hope this helps.

I use almost the same. I have "normal" skin, where it's not too oily nor too dry, just "normal" LOL

Ever since I started using the OCM, my face has just felt and looked better, haven't even gotten my monthly breakout (from Auntie Flo you know?! ;) ), since I using this method. :)

Sometimes I will also use my emulsified scrub on my face, but not daily, maybe once a week or so.

YOu just have to find what works for YOU and your skin. :)

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