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MillCreek FO's


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I just rec'd my first order from MillCreek. I got a sampler pack of 10 fo's.

My dilema is... on their "instruction" sheet they say to use 1.5 oz PP. I normally use 1oz PP. I have not used MillCreek oils yet so I have no experience with them, do most use the standard 1oz pp, or do these oils require more?

I figured I'd ask before I started playing as not to waste them if they did require more.

Thank you for any and all comments.

** Oh I got....

Sweet Orange & Chili pepper

Mandarin Cocoa

Lavender Vanilla

Night Blooming Jasmine

Cinnamon Vanilla

Citrus & Sage

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Irish Cream Delight

Lemon Drop

Listea & Basil

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I read the reviews and searched before I ordered LOL.

I was trying to get some oils other than all fruity/bakery types.

The Sweet Orange & Chili pepper had RAVE reviews. Actually I don't think I saw a post that didn't like it.

I just opened that to take a wiff.... I smell orange sucker! I am at the tail end of a cold though so my nose can NOT be trusted! LOL Smells good though.

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Guest LightofDawn

I've used the following in C3

Sweet Pea & Me

White Tea & Ginger

Hillbilly Homebrew

Lily of the Valley

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Winter Candy Apple

All had great hot and cold throws with the exception of the White Tea & Ginger. However, I will say that it could have been something I did because the White TEa & Ginger was one of the very first FO I tested.

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We also use C-3 and only use 1 oz per lb. We use

Grandmas country Kitchen

Cozy Home

Sweet orange

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Vanilla

Lilac Breeze

White Tea and Ginger

Lav. Van

Caramel Apple

Monkey Farts

Vanilla hazelnet mocha



Sweet Pea

Those all throw well for us

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