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Emulsified facial scrub -More cleansing??


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I make an emulsified facial sugar scrub but I would like it to be a little more cleansing. I was wondering if there is a specific oil I could add to make it more cleansing?

the ingredients

sugar (brown & white)




gly liquid soap ( a pinch) too much will dissolve the sugar



eo, lav,tea tree and I do an unscented

I also did and experiment and made this without the sugar to make a cream wash it was very creamy to wash with but again I need it to be more cleansing

Any Ideas??


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If you want it more cleansing what about using a foaming bath butter base? Or if you used a different exfoliant like jojoba beads, microderm crystals, polyethylene beads, ground apricot kernel, etc.. That would not dissolve then you could up the liquid soap in your recipe. Don't forget to add a preservative if there is any chance that water could get in the jar or bottle. I have also heard of people adding M&P soap to there scrubs with success so maybe you could try that?

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I like the idea of adding m&p to make it more cleansing but this is a face cleanser so I would have to go with a glycerin maybe...also which exfoliant is best for everyday use...with this scrub I make you can self adjust the exfoilation by adding more water while you are messaging it into the face

Oh I forgot to put the preservative in my post ...I do preserve it with germall plus liquid

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Well, I use quite a bit of castor oil in my OCM, so maybe try that?

As for a daily exfoliant, I was using ground apricot pit in a scrub and using it everyday, and it was good.

I don't think a lot of people can use a scrub everyday though, so I always make sure to put something to that effect on my label.

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