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first "wholesale"

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If you are talking about making aroma ornies in muffin pans, it may be hard to remove them unless you are speaking of paper muffin liners or something. Another thing that I'm researching right now is if aroma ornie (the name) can even be used. BCS has it trademarked so I don't know how that works but I assume they have the right to call it that and "we" don't. Maybe someone on here will know more on both issues though, but as far as the muffin tins, ornies are plastic and may be hard to remove from the pans. I use cookie cutters for my shapes. What about a round biscuit cutter?

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Good for you! My husband's friend works for a car dealership and I have always wanted to approach him about the possibility of giving them to his clients when they buy a car...just need to get the courage to try!! LOL

Will these be in something or just laying on the carpet? I know that I have to be careful about telling people, even though we have a warning on the package, that the beads cannot be placed on the carpet, plastic, etc. in the car. They tend to want to place them in the ashtray, cup holder, etc.

Congratulations on your first wholesale account!

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Could you hang them from the rear view mirror? Once they are in a nice little organza bag? Just a thought. That way, the small beads would be up front where the adults are and if they have children, more than likely the children will be buckled in the back seat. That way a child would not think it is some kind of candy. :cheesy2:

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