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cooling time before a relight

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On the weekends is when I can get most of my burning done also. I burn 4 hours before going to work then they are blown out for about 6-7 hours then I burn them again for 4 hours when I get back home. Now if DH is home writing a script or editing a video then I have him light in between those times so I can get 3 test burns in.

I would say if the wax has completed cooled and reformed you could relight them again.


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Most of the time my candles have completely cooled and hardened before I relight, which is around and hour to 1 1/2 hrs minimum. It could be up to 8 or 12 hours but thats just because I am not home.

Of course votives and small containers harden a lot faster. I burn 3" pillars.

However if I just leave the house for 20 minutes or so I have no problem relighting a candle that is only semi hardened.

I have no restrictions on burn times and will burn the same one from morning till bedtime so long as I am home.

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