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Good morning....I searched this board and didn't see what I was looking for, so here's the question. Candlewic's Soy 125 is on sale. I've been using GL's 70/30, but with the price, plus shipping, it's getting expensive. Since Candlewic is in PA, it's closer to me and the shipping is better.

Have any of you used this wax? If so, what do you think of it?

Thanks for any help you can offer. :rolleyes2

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I bought some to try it...so far my finding are you CAN NOT use this wax alone!! It doesnt hold very much FO and just look really bad!!!

wanted to add...after I got some to try...then I searched on here for info....course somehow I always do that backwards...but here is a thread I found

Thanks for that thread! After reveiwing it, I don't think I want to invest in 50lb. of wax only to find I don't like it! Guess I'll keep looking. To be honest, I've really only used GL's soy, so I'm not sure what other wax would compare to it! Any suggestions would be helpful!:tiptoe:

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Try either of the perfect blends from KY Candle or if you want a bit more paraffin try the perfect blend. The perfect blend colors a bit darker as its slightly more transluscent IMO. Being in PA you should get wax from her in 2 days unless she is behind. (Plus you won't pay tax!).

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I am using this wax right now. And now that I have the pour temp down mine come out looking great. As for the pics in that other thread, I have only that happen once to me. The first pic looks just like the first candle I poured with this stuff, and the other two pics I was in a rush and didnt have time anymore to let the wax cool anymore so I had to pour the candles hotter than normal. But with only 5 % fo my candles smell great, ht and ct. I have been putting coconut oil in my candles, one part for better tops and second part hoping they would burn better. I am having a really hard time wicking these but I think my problem is I am using a 4" diam jar but maybe this wax is just making it worst.

I think I am going to try mixing some paraffin wax with this to see what I get because I am not liking the way these candles look after they are burned. They seam to lose the color and make a a white ring in the middle of the wax after they harden back up.

Well good luck with what ever you do, but I dont think I will be using this wax again. I think the next wax I use will be 415.


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