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Dots/Pinholes on Wax


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I haven't had this in a long time, and can't find my notes on it. I'm making a pillar order, used my normal wax load/steric and wax. Let it cool. (Btw, making rustics) and when I unmold them, they have what looks like pinholes/dots on waxes. I'm remelting..but can't for the life of me remember what they are from? I tried doing a search, and couldn't find any answers, unless i'm searching the wrong terms...



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Make sure your molds are clean. Try pouring slower and tap-tap your mold to get rid of trapped air. Rustics are pretty notorious for pinholes.

What temp are you pouring your wax at? You may be able to pour a wee bit warmer. That can help.

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