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Shipping to U.K.


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I just got a retail order shipping to the U.K. and I have honestly never shipped a package there(except to a penpal back in school) He ordered 14 Jars, guess he liked them cause he said he bought them at a shop somewhere. It says its around $65 to ship there..does that sound right? Is there another way? it was double that for UPS.. All my other int'l orders go to a broker, so new area here. Thanks!

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unfortunately, that's probably right. If you went to USPS online and punched in the weight and destination, then you're on the right track. My orders generally average around $34 - $35 to ship, but 14 jars would be heavier than my soaps!

I used to ship alot to England, but with the rate hikes it's hard to make it worth it for them to buy :(

On the up side ... the paperwork & label are easy to do if you're already familiar with the online system. It walks you right through it, and you just print it and take it to the counter already done!

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Yes that sounds right, unfortunately. Jars are just heavy to ship. I went to the usps site and did an estimate for a 15 lb package (what 14 jars + boxing for me would weigh) and got a similar quote. They do have the flat rate box for $37 (you can use the same one as for domestic) but you wouldn't be able to fit 14 jars into it. On the bright side, with their favorable exchange rate, it may not seem as expensive to them as it does to you.

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