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Castorlatum from Snowdrift


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Just a quick inquiry to see if anyone has used castorlatum in any of their formulations or just "neat". It a mix of hydrogenated castor oil and castor oil that looks and feels much like vaseline.

I've had some of it for some time now and finally dug it out of storage tonight. I've started taking some medication that dries out my mouth and lips something terrible. My lip balms weren't effective because I didn't formulate them for theraputic use. So I mixed a little coconut flavor oil, sweetener, and vanilla eo to the castorlatum and applied some to my cracked lips.

So far, so good. It's soothing. We'll see what happens over the next few days. My husband put some on and he thought it felt soothing too. Like Carmex without the medicinal scent.

Just wondered if anyone here has use this product before. :)

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In case anyone is interested I wanted to post that this simple stuff is really working on my poor lips. After using it consistently for the past two days my lips are back to good shape.

I'll be using it all winter I think. :yay: Husband is using it too.

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Just before Xmas I was playing around with this trying to make a lip treatment that works in the squeezable lip gloss tubes from Lotioncrafter. I used the castorlatum at about 3.5% and liked it pretty well. I was shooting for something more Blistex like but it turned out more Vaseline-like, if you know what I mean. It's still very soothing and it comes out of those tubes perfectly.

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