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Newbie Questions

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First, I'd like say that you all are amazing at all the info you have posted on this site. It's wonderful and yet confusing to a newbie. It's probably just me... I tend to read, read, read and before I know it I am off reasearching new ideas and get myself lost in what I was looking for in the beginning. lol

I'm fortunate enough to have a wonderful supply store close to me.

I went and took a inforamtive class last Saturday at Swans. They are really great there and could probably asnwer any questions that I have. But I hate to bug them all time and I'm try to find answers myself.

Since I am so new at this. I just started with soy blend and some seemless tins and poured my first candles yesterday. So far so good.

My mind is already running off with ideas, but I'm not sure this one is exceptable for containers.

I was wondering... Is it possible to add nature items such as leaves, spice and etc to the container? So they show on the outer side? Is this not acceptable for containers? 'm just wondering if the container is not big enough will the items I place in the jar be a fire hazard?

We grow our own spices and I would love to stick with containers for a while and try to implement this style if it all possible. But safely!!


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ANYTHING organic is flammable. ANYTHING in a container will burn clean to the outside unless you had it so underwicked that it tunnelled, but that might make the wick drown out too. A better choice would be in pillars that are wicked to leave a hefty shell... or using wax embeds for the cutesy stuff.


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"Each beautiful pattern slowly floats underneath the liquid wax during the burning time and will remain throughout the life of the candle."

If it is in a tin, you wouldn't see the "floaters".....lol

"Each candle has scented oils blended throughout the wax, opposed to "top pouring", which only holds the fragrance in the very top layer of the candle."

I know I am still fairly new to this, but I have never heard of this method. I wonder if that is how they made some of the cheaper candles I have bought in the past that seemed to lose their scent. That is kind of sneaky! I never thought I would have to tell people I didn't do that...

It is a cute idea, but dangerous.

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