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Patchouli user question


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Hey Patch folks,

So if the cost of patchouli, which has skyrocketed, stays high, what plans do you have for how that may affect your line?

Do you see the slim pickin's for the fragrance or the EO affecting your line(s) much? Are you contemplating dropping it in hopes that it becomes more affordable? How many of your fragrances may be affected because patch is among the notes?

If you look at making replacements, what do you think or will you look to offer? Or do you see a trend coming? Will you be hording? Will you look to maybe vault sandalwood back into the mainstream?

Just was curious. I was reading where it will likely take more than a year for patch to stablize on price again and that got me to thinking.

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i never did like straight patch and it is not a big seller for me i will more than likely drop it or add it in less amounts to other scents but i do not think people would be willing to pay the higher price for it. I did have some in stock at least but will be running out i can not see paying the higher price. Right now i am droping the scents that have large amounts of patch in it.

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I'm not sure yet what I will do. My Creamy Patchouli Butter Bar is a best seller. Especially come summer at the farmers market. I do have quite a bit of the oil in stock and I won't be using it for anything else. I could cut back on the amount that i use in my soap recipe and it not hurt the quality at all. But like other have said, I don't think that customers are willing to pay more. So, I just don't know. Maybe when it's gone, it's gone :(

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