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Double Wicking

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The edges will burn? I'm not sure what that means.

This is a classic case of having to test to determine proper wick placement. You want a full melt pool without the container getting too hot. I would start with evenly spaced placement and do a complete test burn. If after the second or third burn your melt pool doesn't appear even across the top of the candle, you could melt and rewick to adjust.

There are pictures in the gallery of double and triple wicked candles. You might do a search to see if the jar you use is pictured and use that as a guideline. Unfortunately, like everything else chandling, it's trial and error.

Good luck!


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What Sliver said. There's no hard and fast rule, it depends on too many factors. If you place them too far apart you might not get melting between them, and the sides of your container may get too hot and break your jar. If you place them too close together you might not melt out to the edges, and the wicks may have to compete against each other for oxygen and they can drown out.

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