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Heat guns

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Please keep in mind that I'm a total newbie before you laugh at me ;) I plan on getting a heat gun this evening, preferrably cheap, just good enough to do the trick. What temp heat gun do you all use, and when you all say "hit the tops" does it literally just take a second on the top to smooth out imperfections? I'm so afraid of ruining my candles, starting a fire, or causing bodily injury to someone lol I think the one I saw at Walmart the other day started out at 750..is that too hot? It may have been less, I don't remember... Thanks for the input!


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When I got my heat gun years ago, I basically had the same fears you are having now and with a little practice you'll be a pro in no time!! Mine has 3 settings, but I'm not sure what the low setting is, but that's what I use all of the time. Don't put the nozzle too close to your candle top or you may 'blow' melted wax all over the place, been there, done that LOL!! :undecided Keep the heat gun moving, slowly back and forth works for me........do not hold it on one spot continuously as it will get way too hot and scorch your wick, or overheat your glass container. Be VERY careful to not touch the nozzle after you've used it or put it on any papers, etc. you do not want ruined. Since my basement is my 'lab', mine goes on the concrete floor next to my work area chair. I'd be lost without mine for shrink wrapping and smoothing out the candle tops. If I've forgotten anything, hopefully someone will chime in!! Good luck and have fun!! :cool2:

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