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It is always nice to see stuff for the guys, most things I see at fairs are for the women. (and i mostly see woman dragging their husbands around to all the booths...lol)

I went to a show weekend before last and there was a lady there selling kaleidoscopes her husband made from really nice wood. They were really nice and expensive. I bought a key chain for my dad that separates so you can put your house keys on one end and your car keys on the other end. It was really nice looking.

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Sounds like a job for one of those phone cameras. LOL Just pretend you're making a phone call and snap a picture. I don't have one, so I have no idea if a flash goes off on them or not.

You could probably make plain soap with no smell, and add a meltable image of nascar numbers, and guys would scoff them up. I don't know about the copyright things, but I know some guys go nuts for anything with their favorite drivers numbers on them. My husband actually bought a pair of slippers one time, with Jeff Gordon's number on them. LOL ;)

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Great idea!

At my show a few weeks ago, I had one end of my table 'For Him' which had men's scents and gift packages. They sold well, and I got orders for a dozen bars each in two fragrances I DIDN'T have, Cedar Mint & Dragon's Blood. They are made and being delivered Friday.

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