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Paper core wicks?

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Ok heres my problem, Ive been using LX wicks and then switched to papercore which left no hang up on my jars at all, but today I was testing a 12 ounce jar that holds 9 ounces of wax and I use 1.5 ounces of FO per pound of wax and I was using C&S 1275 parasoy blend but had some problems with sinkholes and weird tops on the candles when I had no prior problems before and had to switch to a victory blend parasoy.

I was burning one of the duds from the old wax but with the new wick and it seems to be smoking alot but no soot is being left on the jars and Ive burned it for 3 hours, could this be because there was a problem with the old wax or maybe that the fo is heavier? I need to test this particular FO in the new wax with the new wick but I was just curious to know if maybe it's the FO or the wick ?

Sorry is this is confusing LOL

Thanks in advance,


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