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16oz tins & wicking issues


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I've just started testing some 16oz candle tins & have double wicked 1 with 2 Eco 4's & the other with 2 Eco 5's both tins with Ecosoya CB135 & JS Egyptian Rose Geranium at 9%. Diameter of the tins is 3 1/2".

I lit both this morning & noticed something I have never seen before.

Very soon after the Eco 4's were lit one of the flames had extended 1/4" from the wick across the melt pool thus melting more wax around this wick than the other wick was melting.

I'm wondering if this could have been caused by the f.o not incorporating in the wax properly, although it didn't happen with both wicks or the Eco 5's, or possibly too high a % of this particular f.o.

I will try less f.o next time & see if it happens again.

I watched these tins like a hawk for the time I had them burning.

Tin 1 with the Eco 4's had an almost complete melt pool, less than 1/8th" hang up at 5 hours.

Tin 2 with the Eco 5's had a larger hang up at the same 5 hour mark, the melt pool was not as deep nor was the tin as warm as tin 1.

I gave them a second burn tonight.

Tin 1 (Eco 4's) again has burned more quickly than tin 2 (Eco 5's) has a complete m.p with no hang up at 4 1/2 hours & is much hotter than tin 2 which has a trace of wax around the side & is much cooler to the touch.

Anyone got any ideas as to why the larger wicks are burning more slowly?

Both have reasonable H.T's tho it's not a very stong F.O so I think it's ok.

This is the first attempt with 16 oz tins & I'm not sure if double wicking is the way to go.

I have larger Eco's,(12 & 14) LX's( 26 & 28) & CD 18's to try single wicking & I would really appreciate any help/ advice.



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although I have not done that tin myself when I was researching awhile back to get ready to do it cause I have a bunch of tins that are just wickless at the moment lol (chickened out) I believe I was going to do one lx24 or lx 26. So that is my 2 cents as to what I was going to do but again never did it, sorry not much help.

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