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TCS Scent Review


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Tonight I'm test burning Maple Walnut Fudge from www.tncandlesupplies.com ... the hot throw is totally awesome (yummy cold throw too). I did my first test burn today at 4:00 pm, by 4:30 pm the scent had filled my dining room and was drifting down the hallway. 45 minutes ago I started my second test burn, and the scent has already filled my dining room, living room, foyer & hallway. :yay:

This is not your ordinary maple scent ... I can really pick up on the walnut and fudge notes. It reminds me of a jar of wet walnuts (the topping that you put on ice cream to make a sundae) mixed with a little hot fudge. Maple Walnut Fudge is a winner ... no more plain Maple Syrup or Maple Sugar for me. :whoohoo:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot ... I used Farmhouse 50/50 soy blend at 8%, CD12, 8oz sq. mason jar, cure time almost 3 weeks. (I don't usually give candles this long of a cure time, but I've poured so many testers lately, that I haven't gotten around to burning this one until today.)

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Groovy Chic ... I tested the Gingerbread Applesauce but didn't get a good hot throw ... 50/50 soy, 8%, CD12, 4 day cure. I'm thinking that I need to give it more of a cure time. I love TCS, but I have to cure longer than usual with their fo's.

Hi! I couldn't get a good throw with the Gingerbread Applesauce either and I let it cure for quite a while, same with the Warm Orange Gingerbread - I was really disappointed since both smelled awesome OOB - but I love their Butterscotch Brule, Harvest, Spicey Apples & Peaches, & Pumpkin Souffle - awesome throwers in my pre-blended paraffin....

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