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Should I? C-3 containers


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Hi all,

I'm sure enjoying the cool weather here in SE LA, It's about time. :yay:

Anyway here goes....

I have received the USA and picked up CO at walmart. Im still waiting on new CDN wicks from JBN, but do have some ECOS left to test with.

I'm using 6 oz JJ's and no color

Should I test 3 ways at a time? or more than 3 formulas at a time?

1 - no addatives

2- CO

3- USA

do you ever add USA & CO to the same candle?

I read the thread on tempering, I did try 1 test candle a few min ago, The sandlewood that did not have a HT in the past. I heated to 174 (w/CO), down to 153 then back up to 164, added FO and poured @ 140. (6 oz of C-3, 1/4 tsp CO, 6% FO from lonestar) :confused: Is this kinda close to even being right? LOL.

I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all,

TIA, Zuly

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I'd suggest you try it each way, plus in combination and maybe varying the amounts. You don't learn much by using other people's recipes or just doing what they do. See for yourself what the effect of the additives is and come to your own conclusions about how you want to use them.

There's a lot to learn in candlemaking, so you might as well get started. :)

The tempering effect apparently happens in the vicinity of the melting and congealing points, so your temperatures were probably too high for that. Keep an eye on the new thread Stella started about it.

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TY Tops for your input *faint*

If it came accross that I was looking for your formulas, I do appoligize.

I am new at candle making and am willing to test test test.

After a lot of reading, I thought that this forum was for asking questions, and thats what I have done.

If you read my post, I have read Stellas thread. I must of missed something on the temps, I will stay plugged in to her thread.

:whip: :whip:

I've been whipped,


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That wasn't no whip, dat was spurs! Geddap, horse!!:laugh2:

Like Top said, Zuly, try it every which way, otherwise you will never really know whether additives and stuff make a difference that you think is important, but do it methodically. It's hard to experiment when you don't have a "control" as a measuring stick. Personally, I would try one formula at a time. Pour it with a few different FOs and colors and see how those go. Maybe you won't have frosting issues to correct or the errant cauliflower candle. I tend to stick with the same formula for several batches at least so I can see how it is performing under a wide range of conditions. Some people have a "magic touch" and never experience the problems that others using the same wax complain about!

Did the HT ever show up on your Sandlewood? I love that fragrance!

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ty stella for your input.

I will let you know how the HT is on the sandlewood after it cures for a few days. I did pour a couple yesterday.

I also picked up a presto pot, need to get the pour thang attached to it. Cant wait to start melting in bigger batches. :drool:

TC, stay sweet,



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