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Scrub Packaging?


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Yanno... I SO want to do this as well.

I have tried it myself ONCE. It didn't work at all. But my scrubs are not emulsified so the oils I use tend to be the first thing that squeezes out of the tube. You can't stir them, or shake them to re-incorporate the oils. I'm pretty much anti- chemical preservative in general. I try to avoid them for any products I make use AND buy. And people keep saying it's important to have one in a scrub even though they are made w/o water, because the average user will introduce water into the product no matter what. Seems to me, a tottle type bottle would at least reduce if not eliminate this particular risk. Of course, I realize there are other ways and reasons for nasties to be introduced and grow. But I'm just one of those people, who, for me anyways, will continue to research the most natural kinds of and ways to add preservatives. If and when, and by the time I sell- I'm sure I will have decided to bite the bullet and use them because there are healthier and more natural ones out there now.

But that was my thinking anyhow... a tottle to reduce the introduction of water. When I try making emulsified scrubs (sometime next year, lol) I'll try again!

I'm really glad you ask the question because i'm sure we aren't the only ones who have thought of it and i'm surprised no one has figured it out yet. Or perhaps, doesn't want to give away their secret.;)

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