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What in the world is an "ornie"?

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OK, it's been a while for me here, but what the heck is an "ornie"? :confused: I've gotten that I think it is melted Aroma Beads, which I have a huge bag of and never really used them. Could someone tell me or point me to the thread on how to do these? Sounds like you guys use them to hand out to potential wholesalers for scent samples? I really want to go wholesale, so this would be great. Thank you!

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I assume you mean aroma 'ornies' yep they are aroma beads. You mix them with fo and colour and bake them. I've made some for scented christmas tree ornies (ornaments) ;)

I use 1 tablespoon fo, 2 drops dye, 4 tablespoons of aroma beads. Put them all in a jar and shake every chance you get until the fo has soaked into the beads completely. They take on a dried pea appearance.

Put a cookie cutter on a baking tray, fill to about 1/4 inch deep and bake in the oven for approx 5mins on 200degrees (not sure of fahrenheit soz)

If you want a hole in the top for hanging, I heating a wick needle and pierced. hth

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