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Okay, I am not brave


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at all when it comes to trying to scents:( :embarasse . I stick to the ones i have smelled, burned or the usual: vanillas, berries, coffees etc...

Then a CT member sent me two of her soy candles and they were Sage and Pomegranite and the other Tropical Paradise! LOVED THEM....

So can anyone suggest some other fragrances for me to try? I know there is tons but I really only have the usually fragrances. Thanks for any and all sugestions....:)

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I got a sample of Asian Amber from Candlescience. It's definitely exotic. I used it in my palm- talk about a knock out scent! CS is right- this could definitely be a 'high-end' scent.

Indonesian Teak and Raspberry Guava from Fragrance Oil Heaven. Willow Whispers is nice too, as is Red Currant & Thyme Tea.

Tuscan Nights from Peaks- it is definitely a love or hate scent, though, so make sure that you get a sample first.

Zen Christmas from Save On Scents. Their description is pretty accurate: "soft, delicate notes of fig, and green tea perfectly blended with Siberian fir round out the top and heart notes of this unique fragrance. A bit of Oriental notes of warm vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang added for alluring depth."

Save on Scents has a lot of hawaiian scents, as well: Aloha, Pikake and Maile Vine Lei are among my favorites.

HTH! :)

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