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Need A Palm Wax Pro

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I just bought several cases of Palm Wax.

Crystallizing Container Fill.. Not a problem there yet,Poured and set,Still need to test burn it.

The other is the Feathering Pillar Wax.

Ive never used these types of waxes or molds

The problem I'm having is the candle not releasing from the Aluminum mold.I even went as far as placing it in the freezer,this after it's sat all night.It still won't release.The other problem is with the Polycarbonate molds leaking.I've dismantled the mold,checked the gaskets,it still leaks.

I'm pouring at 200 degrees on all molds,checked everything else that I should.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?

If it helps I'm using Candlewick's supplies,according to there directions,and what I've learned here about that wax.

But from what I've seen so far that pillar in the Aluminum mold isn't as beautiful as the pillars I've seen so many here create.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Munky :)

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Palm wax Container Fill????? I'm assuming this is container wax and your putting it in molds? That would be a big problem. But maybe I am just misunderstanding and you are using a pillar palm. 1st, aluminum molds are what you want to use with this type wax, not polycarbonate. To help with release, I add 2 tbs palm steric pp of wax. Some people use less, but that works for me and I get beautiful pillars. I never have to put them in the freezer, but they do have to be completely cool. HTH!

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Have you talked to someone at Candlewic about your problems? My experience with their customer service has always been great.

I don't use their Feathering Pillar Wax but I've started using their Crystalizing Palm Pillar wax and when I had some questions I emailed and Bill Binder responded with the answers.

HTH some.


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With the aluminum molds have you tried a silicon release spray? Treating your aluminum molds with that may help. Just one can goes a long way and one treatment of the mold should last for quite a few candles.

Do not use silicon spray on Polycarbonate molds. As far as them leaking I'm no help. I don't use polycarbonate.

Candlewic CS is great. Don't ever be shy about contacting them.

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Stearic acid for sure. I use 1tbsp/ pound on the crystallizing wax. As far as the freezer...I have tried this. But you know what? Some scents will just not release at all. Coconut Vanilla was a real mess, and I think the Green Clover and Aloe was too. So, it may not be the wax, but the scent. Either up your stearic for those scents, or just skip it all together.

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Thank you all for your suggestions! I will definitely give it another go with the aluminum molds, using the stearic acid and maybe a bit more silicon spray than I used last time.

I resolved the problem with the leaky polycarbonate molds. Seems I didn't have the rubber bands tight enough. :rolleyes2 Here's a link/pic to how they turned out:


Thanks again for all your help! :)

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I actually had the same problem about a month ago. I tried everything and the pillars would not release from the molds. I tried the freezer, stearic, pouring hotter, heating my molds, leaving them unheated. I ended up buyinng wax from a different supplier. I am very happy that I did this because I have no issues at all with the new wax. I honestly believe that I get a bad batch of pillar wax because this was the first time I have ever had any issues with candles not releasing from the molds.

Good luck.

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