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Candles and Firestarters I made


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Thanks everyone for the sweet comments on my stuff! :)

The firestarters were sooo easy.. just Mulberry scented potpouri (cheap kind from Walmart) put in a muffin cup, wicks pieces out to the edges, and pour your melted wax scraps over the top of all of the potpouri and let it set till hardened.. and voila~ you got firestarters! LOL.. can't get any easier than that!

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I love your colors. I am a little confused as why you made your cinnamon bun candle a burgandy color, but what do I know......

Basically It was that or BLUE~ I only had 2 colors that I bought to "practice" with and see if I could actually do it~:laugh2: I am getting other colors later.. gotta get more funds stashed away as hubby gets steady paydays coming in~ :yay: hahaha..


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I love your label. If you don't mind, there's one itty bitty thing that bugs me .... the words wrapping onto the sides. I would suggest making the font a little smaller so that your words will fit on the "front" panel .... kwim? Jmo, though. :2cents:

Thank you!!

I didn't make the labels.. I bought them from a lady that makes them up..until I get me a printer that works~lol..

Normally I use jars that it would be all on the front side but these were some that were ordered so I had to improvise and use the label on them~lol..

But Im like you.. I want the label to have words all on the front side instead of wrapping around too~:cheesy2:

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