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we just started doing candles and need some guidance.

1. The 'frosting' that appears to be happening is from wax thats not hot enough to pour?

2. It appears that some of the candles have space between the glass and the wax...is this because the glass cooled off to quick before the wax was poured? we heat the glass to 150 in the oven.

3. is 1.5oz/ lb wax the max you can use without making a bad candle?

4. Tarts- soy wax seemed to come out of the mold easy, i switched to parrifin and the wax wont budge....i see some say to use cooking spray...this doesnt hurt the final product?

:confused: Thanx for helping

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is the paraffin wax container blend? If so, you may want to pour hotter so you can get it to shrink a little in order to pop it out. Normally container wax is designed to stick to the container.

when you mention frosting? are you talking about soy wax?

if you use more than 1.5oz of FO per lb of wax, it will most likley sweat/bleed out of the top of the candle. It could also affect your wicking and make you have to use a larger size wick.

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yes the wax is IGI 4630, container blend, it said nothing needed to be added to this wax but i did come across a additive that says it helps the wax adhere to containers better. is it overkill to add this product? i poured the wax between 170-175.

the frosting did seem to be all soy wax, however, the instructions said to pour at 130, which i thought was low.

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