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It was fun till the rain came...


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:cry2: Had a show today. It started out overcast but humid. Turned sunny and I had to move everthing to the back of the booth. Then at 5 o'clock a wall of rain came! We haven't had any rain in months - grass is brown, trees are dieing so we needed it, but it could have waited another couple of hours. And then it didn't even last long enough to do any good, just a lot of damage. Just about everything will have to be relabeled before next week's show! Thankfully, my DDs and SIL were there. They helped me pack up.

I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but did sell a lot of pillars. It cracked me up because I "create" pillars - think about color and pattern and scent. People picked them up, said they smelled good and bought them. I don't think they cared what they looked like.

Oh, in taking down the tent, I dumped the water from the top on me! Then I did it again at the next corner! Slow learner.

Guess I'll take my tired, wet body off to bed.

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Guest SecretBuddy084

Aw Bud I'm sorry you had such a rough day. The sun and humidity was bad enough but then a wall of rain. Geesh!

Glad you had buyers for your fabulous pillars. Sorry you have to relabel now. I'd look for one of those disposable raincoats for your show bag if you would remember to put it on before taking down your wet tent.

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LOL I'll have to add disposable ponch to my emergancy kit in my show tub!

My DD came over today and helped. I printed, she labeled. All is right again.

Oh yeah, when I washed the table covers and my apron this morning, I left my name button on my apron...had to remake that today also. :tongue2:

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