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Does anyone have a form they hand out for the people they use as candle testers? After 6 yrs selling candles, I'm just now approaching a group of random ladies (a group that plays cards every Fri) that aren't friends/family who I can call up & play 20 questions with! I certainly test all my candles myself, but I want 'outside' opinions on how my candles burn in an unsupervised environment & how the scent throws. I started working on a form to fill out, but I'm afraid I'm getting too detailed. These ladies are SO excited to be selected as my testers, but I seriously doubt many of them will complete the task & give me detailed information. I'm hoping that since they're all older (Grandma/Church Lady types) they'll take it seriously & not want to ruin the opportunity for the whole group if they don't participate. Anyone have any tried & true suggestions for getting the most out of your testers & a form that works?


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