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Anyone ever buy from GTF labs?

It says their prices include shipping

I was looking at

Palm Oil $55 for 35pounds


Lye $65.00 for 12 pounds and

$95.00 for 50 pounds.

Do these sound good to most of you? Has anyone tried any of their products?

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WAY too high on the lye! I just got some locally (they ordered it in for me, anyway) and it's $47 for 50 pounds!

A 50 pound pail of palm oil at Columbus Foods is only $39.50. Even with shipping to me (almost 2500 miles away) it's $65.84.

*I've* never heard of GTF labs...but that doesn't mean much.


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I agree the lye is way too expensive also. I get 50 lbs delivered to my door for $42. You can't go wrong with ordering the RBD palm or any other oil or butter from Columbus Foods. They have the best prices when you order in bulk even if you have to pay for shipping.

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I will check them out now.....hopefully with shipping it will be better.

The prices above are with shipping. But still trying to get better.

I can't find anywhere here that sells lye, that is what I would prefer of course

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